Bethany and I (Hilary) made an album and we think you're going to love it. It started with God's reminder that He gave me a gift for songwriting, and a promise that the process and product would be well worth the effort. I had recorded an album years earlier, and by God's grace, received radio and TV airplay in Canada, despite a no-frills production and my own voice as lead. But this time around, I found myself writing several upbeat pop tunes that my voice didn't seem well-suited for. I was already committed in my heart to making an album (and praying for some vocal help!), when God gave me an unexpected gift - her name was Bethany! The first time I heard her sing on stage with her father, local musician, Mark Cable, I figured she had to be a professional singer...maybe she was famous and I just didn't recognize her? Perfectly pitched, controlled, rock star voice. I was like, "WHO IS THIS GIRL?" It turns out she is a down-to-earth, humble, God-seeking woman, who happens to have an uncanny gift for music! Her voice AND her beautiful heart are second-to-none. What an honor to have her sing these songs, and to now call her one of my dearest friends. 

After becoming a finalist in the Great American Songwriting contest for track 9's "Jesus Is Enough", we were highly advised to record professionally, and ended up working with the renowned Matt Goss of Pin Factory Studios.  With a little help from kickstarter donations, we went through with a full-length album.  Each song was crafted with PURPOSE and sung with PASSION.  Devil Get Away was inspired by The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis; “It Is Done”, “The Show”, and “Jesus Is Enough” were written to minister to women, and anyone struggling with self-image, guilt, and hopelessness.  I wrote “Thank You for Your Son” just before my own wedding. It takes the unique perspective of a bride to her groom's parents, who raised him to be the man he is, and then turns to God Himself, thanking Him for sending His Son, our gift.

Bethany and I feel that our heart and soul is laid bare in this project, and feel confident that you will be able to see yourself in these songs.  Every soul longs to be loved, heard, understood, reassured, and given hope.  We pray that these songs speak to your heart and leave you looking up. 

Sparrow Drive